The Albert County Hunters Association will be hosting our third annual summer rendezvous on Aug 12 to Aug 14th.

Camping for the weekend is $45 and there are 30 sites with hook ups and plenty of room for tenting.

New location this year at the Albert County Exhibition fairgrounds, 5895 King St, Route 114, Riverside-Albert, N.B.

Friday night :
Meet & Greet

events / games start at 9am each event is $2 per entry, unless noted otherwise, one entry per contest only.

Horseshoe money shoot – individual teens and up
How many shoe’s can you get in a bucket of water at 15 paces (harder than it sounds)

Washer toss – kids (9 and up) and adults
This is doubles round robin elimination tournament.
Teams of two are drawn from a hat, we do our best to team the younger participants up with an adult.

Fly casting accuracy – individual timed event
Adults : We provide the rod and the fly (hook removed) and you try and land the fly inside three targets (hula hoops) in under a minute. Its harder than it sounds.
Kids: Same as above but with a spinning rod and the targets are closer :)

Bow saw – individual timed contest
Women fastest to saw through a 4″ log.
Men fastest to saw through a 6″ log.

Cross cut saw – doubles timed event
Fastest team to cut through a 6″ log.
Tip for this one, only pull the handle never push or the blade will bend and the bystanders will not let you live it down.

Kettle boil – individual timed event
Fastest to build a fire and boil it over. Each can has one cup of water and a spoon full of dish soap, cans are suspended over the pit area from a pole. Two matches to start then run to the truck to get more..
Kids – we provide the wood chips and chopped wood.
Women – we provide wood chips and a block of wood. Hatchet is required for this one
Men – we provide a block of wood. Hatchet is required for this one

Frying pan toss – individual distance
Kids – how far can you throw a cast iron skillet
Women – how far can you throw a cast iron pan
Men – how far can you throw a cast iron pan with a little more lead in the base

Moose Call – individual $5 to enter
This event is sponsored by Shepody Fish and Game. Judges can not see the participants.
Best impersonation of a cow call and a bull grunt.
Kids – 1st $25, 2nd $15 & 3rd $10. for the kids we will have up to three prizes depending on participants
Adults – 1st $75, 2nd $50 & 3rd $25

Live auction in the evening and a bonfire.

Pack up, tear down. We hold our draws in the morning.

Rendezvous Fundraiser draw:
Ascend C14 canoe. tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10.

Kids draws:
Kids can enter only once in one of our three draws,
Two kid bikes (1 boy and 1 girl) sponsored by the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation.
This is for all kids under 12 and they can enter either the boys or girls draw for $2. Entrants have to be able to walk :)

$50 Visa gift card draw sponsored by the Albert County Hunters Association.
$2 to enter and kids can only enter once. Open to kids too tall do the bike draw that are 16 and under.

We hope to see you there.