Rebecca Schofield playground build

The below info and sign up link was sent to us from the community group behind the Rebecca Schofield playground build, June 4 to June 10.


‘We need over 2,000 volunteers to make this happen. Please sign up for as many shifts as you can and recruit family, friends, coworkers, neighbours. There is a job for everyone!

We are using a web based scheduler to organize shifts for volunteers. The link below will take you to our website that will allow you to choose from available shifts. Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone and you will not need to create an account. If you would prefer to be signed up manually, please respond to this email with your choice of shift and we will take care of it.

Volunteer shifts are 8 to 12; 12:30 to 5; 5:30 to 9. June 4 to June 10 (there are no evening shifts Sun or Mon)

Meals are provided if you would like to stay after your shift.

Signup.com Instructions:

Link: http://signup.com/go/FLBplayground

1. Choose the category you are interested in helping with and click View.

Childcare volunteers must have a police record check arranged through the FLB office. It is a free and quick process.
Skilled labour is anyone who is comfortable using a circular saw, measuring etc.
Unskilled labour is everyone else. Tasks will be assigned based on physical ability, skill, and needs of the build at the time. There is a job for everyone!
2. Review the schedule and choose the shift(s) you would like – click Sign Up when ready.

3. Enter your email and then contact info (this will remain private), how many people in your group/family taking part, and if you require childcare.

4. Click Save and Done.

5. Enter any comments now that may help the organizers. We’d like to know:

How many childcare spots you will need and their ages.
Are you from a community group that would like to cook a meal?
Anything else that would be helpful in our planning. (i.e. if you are coming as part of a company, let us know which one pls!)
You are now registered! We will be in contact towards the end of May with the information you will need for your day.

Child Policy:

under 10 must stay in daycare

10-13 must be within arm’s reach of parent at all times

14-17 may work on crews without parents but no power tools.

18+ Considered an adult

Thanks so much for your help with this amazing community project!’


Moose Hunting Licence

Everyone’s favourite draw starts next week on the 21st.
The province is supposed to announce a change this week to the application process, anyone who doesn’t have the firearm / hunter safety or previously had a game licence that were born before 1981 now need the course to apply for the draw.



Moose Hunting Licence / Permis de chasse à l’orignal

Residents – Tentative dates
– Apply online – May 21 to June 14, 2019
– Results available – July 8, 2019 
– Licence sales: starting July 8, 2019

Hunter Education Requirements:
• Resident and Non-Resident Hunters born on or after January 1, 1981 and all first-time hunters must show proof of a Firearm Safety / Hunter Education Course (gun hunters) or a stand-alone Bowhunter Education course (bow/crossbow hunters).
• Hunters born previous to 1981 may present a previous hunting licence as proof of hunting experience.
• Conservation Education certificates from other provinces, territories and states are valid in New Brunswick.




Reminder: Kids Fishing Derby

Just a reminder that this Saturday, May 11th is the kids fishing derby. We will meet at Roby’s U-Fish on the little Dover Road at 10 am and at noon we will go to the club for Hot dogs and pop


13138766_958050424263536_4951159928845075034_n Take-your-Kids-Salmon-fishing-in-British-Columbia


Congratulations Rudy Roach on winning the bike.
Since your out west visiting family we accepted this reasonable facsimile (Rudy’s son) for our winners photograph.


Time to eat

When 350+ lads are told it’s time to eat…



Our club has two representatives that sit on the Fundy Royal Firearms Committee, we have been actively involved in addressing the incorrect information that has been shared by many. This letter to the editor below is is in response to opinion pieces that are not based in fact or in relation to our Country..


I am writing in response to Mr. Cunningham’s column in today’s T & T (April 20th, 2019) respecting Bill C-71. Since I do not have the luxury of unlimited words in my letter as does Mr. Cunningham it will not be possible to fully explain to New Brunswickers the complete Bill. Our previous governments have failed to educate the general non-hunting and non-shooting public on the current firearm regulations that Canadian gun owners must abide by and as a result they think we are free to do as we please. This unfortunately cannot be explained here either.

Although Mr. Cunningham criticizes Senator David Adams Richards position regarding Bill C-71 it seems that perhaps he misunderstands or hasn’t actually reviewed the Bill himself. Perhaps Mr. Cunningham doesn’t fully understand the regulatory requirements that hunters, recreational shooters and gun owners in Canada are under right now?

It appears however that he is totally in line with MP Goodale, Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness. When MP Goodale introduced the Bill on March 20, 2018 he stated that he was reacting to the recent shootings in Las Vegas. Like MP Goodale, Mr. Cunningham cites firearm crimes in the United States as a reason to restrict law-abiding Canadian gun owners even further. He cites disasters in Colorado, Georgia and Alabama. Last time I checked these locations were all in the United States and not Canada. It is incredible that our Canadian government would create restrictive legislation based on incidents in other countries.

Mr. Cunningham also quotes Statistics Canada several times although when our group queried Statistics Canada for the most part they did not have the statistics so often quoted by MP’s and some editors.

MP Goodale stated that his Bill was a “Guns & Gangs” Bill but nowhere in this Bill will one find any reference to Guns & Gangs. He states that it is not an attempt to register firearms although the Bill refers to REGISTRAR and LICENCE many, many times. It is the law-abiding recreational shooter and hunter who is aimed at with this Bill. This is a “back-door” long gun registry something that the current government promised not to do.

Mr. Goodale is quoted as saying that 69% of Canadians in urban areas support an outright ban on firearms. Apparently this is based on a poll but attempts by our group to obtain this poll were totally unsuccessful and basically ignored.

The anti-gun lobby is strong here in Canada and they will not be happy until they have all of our duck guns, deer and moose rifles. The Canadian Senate has very little political power but enough to hold things up for awhile and to question Bills that are of a concern to many Canadians. In the end they cannot stop the Bill and in fact Mr. Goodale stated recently as follows; “the Gun Bill will not be hobbled by Senate amendments”. In other words he isn’t concerned with what the Senate does with the Bill since the real power lies in the House where his government has the majority.

It is important to note that we, law-abiding hunters and recreational shooters, are totally in favour of laws that will curtail firearm crime and shootings. We cringe when we hear of shootings and totally understand the concerns of Canadians. However, we do know that criminals who use firearms to commit crimes will laugh at this Bill. What effect would this Bill possibly have on them?

It is important to note that our group attempted to obtain a cost benefit analysis of this Bill from our MP’s as well as Minister Goodale. We got nothing at all. Please believe me there will be a significant cost to Canadian tax payers in order to implement this Bill.
Do not forget the cost of the previous long gun registry which topped $2 billion or more. (As posted by CBC News on February 13, 2004). We may never know the true cost.

The only hope we have is that the next new federal government will immediately revoke Bill C-71 in its entirety.

In closing I want the readers to note that when the government wishes to shock the general public they use the term “weapon” rather than “firearm”. Note that I have a number of firearms and no weapons and even the wildlife of this great province do not regard my firearms as weapons.


Ron Whitehead
Chairman of the Fundy Royal Firearms Committee

Crib Tournament

On April 27th we are having a crib tournament at the club. Entry fee of $5.00 per person to register.
Registration is at 12:30 and we start playing at 1pm we will have a random draw for partners and play 8 games for cash prizes, see you there.


Kids Fishing Tournament

Our Annual Kids Fishing Tournament will be held on Saturday, May 11th at Robbie’s U-Fish from 10 am to 1 pm then return to the club for hot dogs / snack and beverages.
Please note all trout caught are charged at 45 cents an inch to a max of $5.50 for fish 16″ + long.
We were told they have a small amount of bigger fish left over in the pond this year.


Kids Sleigh Ride

Our Annual Kids Sleigh Ride is on Sunday March 17th at 2 pm. We will meet at the club between 1 and 1:30 and at 1:30 go to the ride. If you have children or grand children bring them out for a fun day. After the sleigh ride( approximately 1 hour) we are all going back to the club for Pizza and beverages.
The ride is free for the children and one adult per family, other adults will be asked to pay $5.00 each to go on the sleigh. The food is free for everyone attending with a member / members family
Please let Allen Beers or John MacDonald know if you are going and how many in your group so we will know how much pizza to order, call / text John at 871-1404 or call Al at 866-9479.